Parson's Picture Gallery 1

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FOSTER HALL -- This snow covered cornerstone building is located at the west corner of the beautiful campus. Foster Hall, which housed a multitude of classrooms of different studies remains a survivor of the years of M.I.M. transition and growth.

BLUM STADIUM -- With first year head coach Marcilino "Chelo" Huerta at the helm, it was only appropriate that the Wildcats would christen their brand new on-campus football stadium with an 18-0 victory over N.I.M. of Michigan in the home opener.

CLASS TO CLASS -- A group of students appear to be leaving Foster Hall and apparently heading toward their next class at Fairfield Hall, visible in the background.

BALLARD HALL -- For years it served as a central meeting and focal point for campus social activity. While the upper floors served as dormitory accommodations, the main floor housed a very lively and active student union. It was torn down and replaced by the James M. Camp Student Center in the mid-1960's.

FAIRFIELD HALL -- A scenic and picturesque view, walking east toward Fairfield Hall (ahead on left), while passing the historic Parsons Hall on the right.